Pineapples and pincers waste not


The fibre of the future will waste not

Pinatex pineapple fibre jacket

Things are really moving along in the sustainable and ethical fashion sphere and we have to give thanks to @legacyfashion @mrspress and @rawassembly for doing it. It takes a whole lot of dedication and passion to get these events happening and happen they did. The after-buzz is palpable. I’m excited and I know that everyone else is too. And if that isn’t enough we’re also excited to share what we learnt with everyone that’s willing to listen – and those that aren’t.

What do pineapple waste and crab shells have to do with fashion?

You might order your beautiful Pinatex pineapple fibre jacket online and it might arrive in a compostable bag made from crustacean waste - that’s what.

Who isn’t excited by the idea of pineapple fibre Pinatex and packaging made from hospitality refuse in the form of crustacean shells? The biggest take out as a designer is a feeling of comradeship. It is not often that fashion and sharing go hand-in-hand. But this is what’s happening. It’s because we are true believers. We truly believe that there are alternative models in design, business, fibres, fabrics, finishing, construction, delivery packaging – the list goes on. The Legacy fashion summit was about big picture ideas and the raw assembly showcase gives us the tools to achieve them. I saw and handled some amazing silks that I want to use in my garments.

We’re willing to share this information because we know that sharing benefits everyone on this planet. So hurrah to the organisers of these events and their dedication to the cause! Check out their websites for some of the incredible presenters and suppliers that were there from Outland denim to Carapac, there’s lots to be excited about!