A bespoke garment is a luxurious way to have a wedding dress that is designed and made especially for you. It usually takes between 6-9 months but we can make exceptions.  

Your dress starts with a meeting where you share your ideas with Dinah. She will then sketch your ideas to create a design that is unique for you. After the design is decided on, your body measurements are taken and a pattern is drafted.  A toile is made from the pattern. A toile is a calico model of your dress and is used to refine the fit and shape before work is started on the actual dress. Depending on the style of gown you have chosen there will be up to five fittings required. Fittings take place in the Morton studio unless otherwise arranged.  Dinah travels regularly to meet with brides around Australia.  You are able to stay on an Airbnb, on the property for fittings and incorporate a weekend away at the same time.

A bespoke bridal dress will differ in price according to its style and complexity. The best way to understand the cost of a bespoke dress is to talk to Dinah.

There is nothing better than receiving something special in the mail. We have Pearl Button information packs ready to be posted to you. To request an information pack, click below and send us your mailing address.